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Modern Additions & Classic Car Restoration Orange County

Mechanic doing classic car restoration Orange County

For some lovers of classic cars, not a single anachronous part can be added to the rebuild in order to keep it as authentic as possible. However, as technology progresses, we can add these new amenities to our older cars, to make them better, safer and more comfortable. Here at Chimera Motors, we believe that, if done right, these additions can only make your car better.

If you want to restore a classic car or add some modern amenities to it, the best option is to hire professionals to help you. The team at Chimera Motors has over 25 years of experience with classic cars. We wrote about some useful additions to classic cars before, but we feel like there is more we can do to make classic cars even better.

Safety equipment

There are several important safety inventions which are not necessarily factory-built into your car. Things like safety belts and airbags are now standard, but they haven’t always been included. Those are meant to protect you in your car.

However, if you want to protect your car, you can also add collision and parking sensors, which warn you if you come to close to an obstacle. These small and inconspicuous devices may save you from expensive damages to your car. And if you want to take it a step further, you can add parking cameras or GPS monitoring as well.

Modern tires

Speaking of safety, even though whitewall tires may look timeless and fit perfectly on your classic car, modern tires are a far better option. Look hard enough and you will find someone who makes modern tires with the classic flair of whitewalls to boot. If you have speed in mind, modern tires are designed to grip and keep you on the road.

EFI conversion

Fuel injection can end up saving you a lot of money. And drastically improve your engine’s performance and reliability. Some people are skeptical when it comes to EFI systems. Since they are electronically driven, the installation needs to be done very carefully and skillfully. This includes carefully measuring the voltage, routing the wires and grounding the system properly. These systems can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.


You couldn’t imagine a new car without an AC unit, so why deny yourself this amenity in your classic car? If your restorer is good, they can hide the complex AC system out of sight if you are concerned about the aesthetics of the interior. This can be another fairly costly addition, depending on whether you need to start from scratch. With summer fast approaching, AC is looking more and more indispensable by the day.

Electronic ignition

Engines built before the mid-1970s used point ignition, which needs to be cleaned very frequently and adjusted in order to function flawlessly. If you intend to drive your classic car much, you will want a more reliable method of ignition. Luckily, electronic ignition is not too hard to install, and it offers a wide range of improvements; reliability, quick starts and more power, as well as slightly better mileage, are all good reasons to switch to electronic ignition.

Most classic car enthusiasts will agree that modern additions to classic cars aren’t a bad thing, as long as they do not disrupt the beauty of the cars themselves. A skilled restorer can hide these additions out of sight, all the while keeping the benefits from having them around. Chimera Motors is a company specializing in classic car restoration in Orange County. Contact us for all your classic car projects.


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