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Essential Information About Disc Brake Conversion Kits

As any classic car owner knows, maintaining an oldtimer often involves a vast array of upgrades. Naturally, safety is a major concern, and what better way to ensure your safety than by making sure the brakes in your vintage ride are the best they can be?

Therefore, it’s imperative to know some basic info about disc brake conversion kits. After that, it’s only a matter of buying one and finding experts for classic car restoration in Orange County, CA, to install it.

What should I know about disc brake conversion kits?

Talking about disc brake conversion is quite an extensive topic. Luckily, you don’t have to know every little detail. Unless you’re intent on upgrading your vehicle yourself, all you need to know is:

So, let’s tackle them in order.

What do disc brake conversion kits contain?

“Disc brake conversion kit” is a selection of components necessary to replace your standard drum brakes with disc ones. In general, a standard kit contains:

  • Brake calipers;

  • Brackets;

  • Brake pads;

  • Rotors;

  • Bearings;

  • Seals and hoses.

Optionally, your DBC kit can contain things like emergency brake cables and drop spindles – if your collectible car allows for them.

Choosing the right DBC kit for your classic car

Not every disc brake conversion kit will fit your car or the position in it. At least, not without heavy custom work. Therefore, when buying one, double-check and make sure you’re getting the right one for:

  • The model of your classic car;

  • Front or rear axle.

This way, you’ll ensure a smooth conversion process, without unnecessary expenses and headaches.

How much do DBC kits cost?

This mostly depends on the model of your vintage ride and, of course, the quality of the kit itself. But for the most part, you’re looking at anywhere from $600 to $2000. Now, this does seem a bit steep. However, it’s anything but.

Disc brakes offer so many benefits, both in terms of performance and safety, over drum ones. This is especially important if you love driving down more dangerous routes, such as Laguna Canyon Road, or if you often drive through OC’s traffic-heavy areas.

Is it safe to install disc brake conversion kits on classic rides?

Of course, this is the biggest question on every classic car owner’s mind. As with anything concerning collectible vehicles, messing around with “factory settings” can have undesirable side effects. Fortunately, converting to disc brakes is quite easy.

In the vast majority of cases, disc brake conversion issues are a result of unprofessional installation. Therefore, avoiding them boils down to finding a good classic car restoration shop in Orange County CA, and letting people with ample training and experience handle the job.

What’s the best choice when it comes to classic car restoration in Orange County, CA?

Whether you want a smooth conversion from drum to disc brakes, or you’re intent on giving your vintage ride a full make-over, there’s no better place to make it happen than Chimera Motors. With utmost professionalism, skills honed through thousands of projects, and modern equipment, we can give your vehicle the care it deserves.

Don’t let your collectible car be a relic of the bygone era, held together only by willpower and a prayer. Instead, opt for classic car restoration Orange County CA relied upon for years. Give us a call, bring your vehicle over, and make sure it’s ready for the future.


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