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Top 3 Advantages of Disc Brake Conversion

There aren’t many classic car components that boost your safety on the road as much as brakes do. This is why they should always be in a great condition. And, as such, at the very top of your priority list.

Of course, as with any car modification, switching to disc brakes is a massive decision. Fortunately, it’s also one of the best you’ll ever make! Let’s see what you’ll gain after your Orange County, CA, classic car restoration specialists have made this upgrade.

Why should I make a disc brake conversion on my car?

Every year, more and more classic car owners decide to put their vehicles through the disc brake conversion process. Yes – even if there’s nothing wrong with the old ones, per se. Therefore, at a glance, this may seem like a whim or a hip new trend. However, it’s anything but.

The simple fact is: Disc brakes are superior to standard (drum) ones in every way. They can vastly improve your ride’s performance and reliability. At the same time, they last longer and are much easier to maintain. A win-win combination, if there ever was one!

What are the major benefits of disc brake conversions in classic cars?

The list of safety and quality of life improvements disc brakes bring is quite extensive. Here's a brief overview of the most impactful ones:

Gain more stopping power and more reliability

This! The main purpose of brakes is to make your car stop when you tell it to. And, the design and the way disc brakes work is what allows them to shine. More friction and better heat dissipation enable disc brakes to stop much faster than drum ones. Needless to say, this offers greater reliability and safety, especially in situations where fractions of a second make all the difference.

Disc brakes offer more consistency over a longer period

Unlike their drum counterparts, disc brake pads wear evenly. This means that, even after prolonged use, your disc brakes will retain near-maximum functionality. They’ll still provide exceptional stopping power under virtually all conditions.

Disc brake conversion and maintenance are straightforward processes

One of the biggest upsides of switching to disc brakes is conversion ease. First, they come in the form of premade disc brake conversion kits. It’s only a matter of choosing the right one(s) for your vehicle and needs. Of course, you can always opt for custom-made parts. But that, naturally, comes with a higher price.

Second, the upgrade process is pretty streamlined. It will take an experienced mechanic only 1-3 hours per axle to switch and tune the brakes. So, you can bring your car for a conversion in the morning, and end up on a scenic drive through Costa Mesa Freeway the same afternoon!

Lastly, the minimalist design of disc brakes makes them super easy to inspect visually to assess their condition. Furthermore, this also makes them almost too easy to repair/replace if they get worn out or damaged.

Where can I find a reliable classic car restoration service in Orange County, CA?

Upgrading your classic ride is never a small task. As a relic of the past, they’re fragile, with a value that far surpasses monetary. As such, they demand the best treatment possible. They deserve the attention only the most versed vintage car experts can offer.

So, be sure to bring your pride and joy to classic car restoration Orange County, CA, specialists who know what they’re doing – Chimera Motors. With years of experience, a professional team, and the right tools for the job, disc brake conversion issues will be the last thing on your mind. Contact us today and bring your collectible ride to the future.


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