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Safety Tips for Classic Car Restoration

classic car - 1965 impala air kit

Anything relating to automobiles calls for high levels of safety. Classic cars in Orange County, California are not an exception. You need to be extra-careful when restoring them to avoid creating damage or even injuring yourself. Vintage vehicles can contain toxic chemicals and jagged parts, which makes them more risky to handle compared to modern cars. So it’s better not to tackle your 1965 Impala air kit yourself.

Here are some of the precautions to take.

Protection against welding hazards

Welding is a highly risky activity since it involves heat, high-voltage electricity, and eye-damaging light. This is why protection from hot sparks and hot molten metal elements is a must. The safest way of doing this is by wearing a welder’s mask and flame-resistant clothing that can protect the skin.

Also, the workspace should be kept free from flammable materials that can easily catch fire, such as plastics and paper. Highly flammable chemicals should also be kept away. Another preventive measure is to have a functional fire-fighting kit in the garage.

Handle asbestos with care

Even though asbestos was banned, there are still some vehicles, especially the vintage ones that contain it. Auto parts, such as brakes, clutches and heat seals, contain asbestos due to its heat-resistant properties.

The dangers of this material cannot be underestimated. According to studies, asbestos exposure is associated with increased risks of cancer.

Even while restoring a 1965 Impala air kit, try to identify the presence of asbestos and avoid getting into direct contact with it. Also, wear a safety mask that will prevent you from inhaling asbestos compounds.

Avoid fumes from the vehicle

Classic cars with old or outdated engines can release harmful fumes. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless toxic gas that you are likely to encounter while working on your car. It can even cause brain damage and death.

Because of its properties, carbon monoxide is known as the "silent killer". The poisoning typically occurs from breathing in too much carbon monoxide. Some of the symptoms are nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

Fumes also contain other poisonous chemicals and inhaling them can result in major health complications. Therefore, extra caution is advised while working on a classic car in an enclosed space.

There should also be an adequate supply of air in the garage/workspace. It would be best to have a garage ventilation system to keep the air circulating.

Handle rust with care

Rust on a classic car’s parts is not just a cosmetic issue. It can affect the car’s performance, as well. And it can be harmful both to your car and to your health. Always wear gloves and protect your face with a mask when trying to remove rust from your car.

Seek help for your 1965 Impala air kit problems

Most of the time, the risks that come with restoring your classic car yourself are not worth your time and money. You can end up making a simple mistake that will cost you your health, as well. Your car can still be restored without all these risks.

If you live in Orange County, California, all you need to do is contact Chimera Motors. We will restore your classic car and even make a further diagnosis that includes inspecting the 1965 Impala air kit.


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