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How the Chevy Impala Gained Its Legendary Status

In the world of classic car restoration, the 1958-1969 Chevy Impala line of cars is famous because it essentially invented the muscle car craze. Today, having an expertly-restored Chevy Impala equipped with state-of-the-art 1965 impala air ride systems is the mark of a true muscle car enthusiast.

In this article, we'll tell you who installs top-notch Impala air ride systems that comply with all relevant safety requirements in Orange County. We'll also touch on questions such as where Chevy Impala is made and when the Impala SS was first produced, as well as take a look at the history of the Impala.

Keep reading to learn more about this famous muscle car line.

When did Impala change body styles?

The first model of the Chevy Impala was actually a limited edition model of the Chevy Bel Air, and was produced in various GM factories to celebrate the 50th anniversary of General Motors. Its premium features and unique appearance made it a smash hit with car lovers, which drove Chevrolet to make a separate Impala line the next year.

The Impala line truly split from the Bel Air line in 1961, when the 3rd generation Impalas abandoned General Motors' A Platform, which the Bel Air models were built on, and replaced it with GM's new B platform. This is also the year when the Impala SS (Super Sport) performance variant became available.

The Chevy Impala changed body styles multiple times afterward, with the 90s and the 2000-onward models splitting completely from their muscle car predecessors. Today, the Impala is a modern sedan that's ideal for professionals and families.

What body style is a 64 Impala?

The 1964 Chevrolet Impala came in two types: base, and SS (Super Sport). The SS was either a hardtop or a convertible sport coupe, while the base model offered a larger variety that included six different body styles.

Base 1964 Impala body styles were:

  • Sedan.

  • Hardtop sport coupe.

  • Hardtop sport sedan.

  • Convertible.

  • Two station wagon variants.

The Super Sport model was, as its name indicates, a sporty car. Its features included a broader upper body molding, SS badge and Impala lettering on the rear fenders, full wheel coverings of special SS design, leather grained vinyl upholster with a locking compartment in a center console, and buck seats in the front.

How long is a 65 Impala?

The 1965 Chevy Impala was one of the finest cars ever made. Among other features, it had wheelhouse moldings, bright bodyside moldings, triple-unit tail lamps, full wheel covers, and rear cover panel trim. Inside, it boasted an electric clock and an instrument panel equipped with bright center panel moldings.

The 1965 Impala came in a variety of types:

  • Two station wagon models (six and nine-passenger variants).

  • Four-door sedan.

  • Two and four-door hardtop.

  • Convertible.

  • Super Sport two-door hardtop.

  • Super Sport convertible.

At 213.3 inches long and 79.5 inches wide, the 1965 Impala was truly a sight to behold as it drove past the Bolsa Chica State Beach during sunset. Unsurprisingly, it's an extremely popular model in today's world of classic car restoration.

Who provides reliable 1965 impala air ride installation in Orange County?

Here at Chimera Motors, we can proudly say we're Orange County's best classic car maintenance, restoration, painting, and repair company. Among other advantages, we boast highly trained and experienced technicians, modern tools and materials, and a second-to-none track record.

Whether you want to equip your beloved classic Impala with top-quality air suppression systems, you'd like to have it repainted, or you're interested in some other modification, you can rest assured we're fully equipped to attend to all your muscle car needs.

Contact us today or pay us a visit at our premises. We'll be happy to help you make your classic car dreams a reality.

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