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Important Moments in the History of the Chevrolet Impala

As the model that first introduced the concept of muscle cars, the Chevy Impala stands tall as one of the crucial milestones in the history of American cars. For instance, the 1965 Impala was such a great vehicle that, with more than a million units sold, it still holds an industry sales record that no other model has come close to beating.

Nowadays, the Impala remains beloved by classic car enthusiasts in Huntington Beach, who do not hesitate to give it a superb classic car restoration and customization job. This often includes modern additions such as beautiful matte paint and 1965 Impala air ride installation.

Although the current iteration of the Impala line is being discontinued in 2020, resulting in the factories Impala is made at being idled or repurposed, the classic Impalas are still hugely popular among muscle car aficionados. Read on to learn more about the Impala's turbulent history.

What is the Impala SS and when did it first appear?

What is the Impala SS and when did it first appear

The Impala SS stands for Impala Super Sport. As its name suggests, these models were created for drivers who wanted superior performance, handling, and a sportier appearance. Not long after its first appearance in 1961, these Chevies became highly sought-after, resulting in the SS badge becoming Chevrolet's signature of performance on various models.

The Impala SS could be had with either a new 409-cubic-inch V8 engine (also available in a 425 hp version), or the older 348-cubic-inch V8 engine that came in three variants (350 hp, 340 hp, and 305 hp). The SS package also included upgraded shocks, tires, and springs.

All this made it an excellent value for the price, and cemented it as one of the most beloved and most famous options Chevrolet ever offered.

What happened to the Chevy Impala in 1986?

For the first time since Impala's debut more than 30 years ago, the Chevrolet Impala line was discontinued in 1986. The reasons for this vary. The oil shortage that occurred a decade earlier forced General Motors to close down many of their assembly factories and to downsize their vehicles, pushing muscle cars out of the spotlight and focusing on more efficient designs.

This decision was also driven by the success and popularity of the Chevrolet Caprice line. As a result, the base Impala model was rebranded Caprice in 1986, while the upper models were renamed Caprice Classic and Caprice Classic Brougham.

When did the Chevrolet Impala return?

When did the Chevrolet Impala return

The next additions to the Chevrolet Impala line were released in 1994. Although this new Impala SS model was based on the 9C1 police package Caprice and used a 260 hp V8 LT1 engine, this engine was coupled with a mere 4-speed automatic trans. Needless to say, this left the public unimpressed.

In addition to that, the 1994-1996 generation (and every Impala generation that followed) lacked the iconic muscle car look that had made the Impala line so popular to begin with. The new cars looked sensible in the extreme, with nothing to visually separate them from thousands of other models out there.

Who offers first-rate 1965 impala air ride installation in Huntington Beach?

It won't surprise you to hear that even a well-kept classic car needs some work before you can safely use it to, for example, cruise around Huntington Beach or drive your loved ones to the International Surfing Museum. This goes double if you intend to outfit your beloved oldtimer with modern features such as air suspension systems.

That's where Chimera Motors comes in. As California's top provider of classic car restoration, maintenance, repair, and customization services, we're your top choice for all things related to your Chevy Impala.

Feel free to visit us at our shop. We'll happily look at your car and help you get the most out of your classic Chevy.

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