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Original, Restored or Modified Classic Car: Which One is Yours?

Chevrolet Corvette Convertible - Chevy C10 air ride kit

There are different types of classic car owners. And it depends on the type of the vehicle they own. Forget about the makes and models. Here we are focusing on the nature of classic cars. Some owners prefer original cars, while others just want to restore their vintage vehicles to acceptable conditions. There is also another group of classic car owners who go ahead and make little modifications even after restoring. They want, for example, a top-quality Chevy C10 air ride kit that will work for their car.

All three types of car owners are passionate about their vehicles and to understand them better, we are going to highlight each category below.

Original classic cars

Original classic cars are extremely rare. These are vehicles that have been properly maintained and have conserved their aesthetics and functionality. All of their parts belong to the original manufacturer. Whenever possible, in case they needed repair, parts were fixed rather than replaced.

Determining the originality of a classic car is not a complicated process. All you need to do is to look at the serial numbers stamped on different parts of the vehicle. If they match, then the car qualifies to be categorized as an original classic car.

It is challenging to find an original classic car in Orange County, California. In fact, getting the vehicle’s original spare parts is almost impossible. What you can get are just parts that will work on the car. For instance, you can easily get a Chevy C10 air ride kit that will work for your car. You can still find original classic cars, though in reality, most vehicles that are sold as “original” are to be more appropriately described as “restored”.

Restored classic cars

Restored classic cars have the same look and design of original cars. The only difference comes in their parts. In this category, the original parts are replaced by the refurbished versions which match the needs of the vehicle. These parts have been manufactured to the original specs.

The replacements are done at a fully-equipped classic car restoration shop whereby these remakes are matched with the interior, as well as with the exterior design of the vehicle.

It is easier to get restoration parts than the original ones, hence this type of classic cars is quite popular in Orange County, California. Although their monetary value is relatively lower than the original versions, you can still have fun with your restored car.

Resto-mod classic car

Resto-mod stands for restored and modified classic cars. Even after a vintage car has been restored, the owner may still prefer to modify it to meet some personal taste and preferences. This is the main reason why resto-mod is different from the original versions.

The good thing about resto-mod classic cars is that they give you more freedom. For instance, you can choose a particular Chevy c10 air ride kit to install in your classic vehicle. Ultimately, the choice of car depends on you - the owner. After all, what matters is your happiness.

Premium installation of Chevy C10 air ride kit

If you are a resident of Orange County, California and you want to install a Chevy c10 air ride kit in your car, do not hesitate to contact Chimera Motors. We will restore your vehicle’s suspension system and bring your lovely vintage car back to life within the shortest time possible.


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