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Tips for Storing Your 69 Camaro Air ride During Winter

Storing your 69 Camaro air ride properly

The 69 Camaro Air Ride is an adorable classic car, and you won't exchange it for anything. You will do all that it takes to protect it from anything that can damage it. One of the most notorious enemies of classic cars is winter. Even though winter seems to affect different models of vehicles, classic cars are hit the hardest by winter. This is because most of them do not have protection against rust, as their body work is usually untreated. It can be excruciating to watch your 69 Camaro Air Ride being at the mercy of weather conditions. Any negligence on your part can result in severe damage to your vehicle.

The first protective measure that you can take is remove your car from the road and store it in the garage. It may be the perfect opportunity to service your vehicle as you await the next season. However, shielding the car from winter is more than just locking it in the garage. Here is a checklist of the things that you need to do to guarantee your classic car utmost protection.

Clean your 69 Camaro Air Ride

Dirt or solid substances tend to attract moisture on the body of the vehicle, and this can make it rust. Clean and polish all parts of the car including the trunk lids and the hood. The engine bay of the car should also not be neglected during the cleaning exercise. You can do the cleaning using simple household tools which are quite affordable.

Protect the wheels

Your spare wheel also needs to be protected from the effects of winter. Clean it and ensure that it has enough pressure. Pump the tires to a slightly higher PSI to accommodate the loss during winter storage.

Check if the carpets are damp

Inspect the carpet under your car to ascertain whether it is damp. Wet conditions on the floor of the car during winter can lead to massive damage. Remove the carpet, then polish the floor to eliminate any presence of moisture. If the carpet is wet or moist, move it to somewhere else so that it can dry up.

Dehumidify the car

Humid conditions spell doom to your car during winter. The best way of ensuring that your auto remains dry is by using a dehumidifier. This gadget is capable of absorbing all the hidden moisture and ensuring that the air inside the car is dry. Although you may spend some money on it, the benefits are worth the investment.

Close the windows

Ensure that the windows of your classic car are closed. Doing this will not only prevent any elements of moisture from getting into the car but also lock out the destructive rodents that might want to turn your car into their home.

With these tips, your 69 Camaro Air Ride will be in a perfect condition to serve you during the spring. You will also spare yourself from incurring substantial expenses of repairing the damaged vehicle. If you’d like more tips and professional support, reach out to us. Chimera Motors has decades of collective experience in doing classic car service, restoration and repair in Orange County. You’re always welcome in our shop!


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