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Power Steering Conversion Process in Classic Cars

Every classic car owner is on a perpetual quest of improving their ride. To make it more durable, reliable, faster, and, in doing so, more enjoyable to drive. All while keeping it as close to the original state as humanly possible. Fortunately, they are not lacking options to achieve that goal.

However, not all of those options are created equal. Every classic auto restoration specialist in Orange County CA will tell you that some upgrades are better than others. Still, the vast majority of them agree on one (thing) – by adding power steering, you’re getting an insane bang for your buck. So, that only leaves one question to be answered.

Can I convert my car to power steering?

The reasoning behind this question is sound and understandable. After all, vintage rides are a product of a bygone era. Which is just a fancy way of saying they’re old. Yet, what most don’t know is that power steering is not a new concept either.

Power steering was invented in the late 1920s. Meaning, it’s been around for a good 100+ years. Over time, many innovations made power steering better and more reliable. However, the initial concept didn’t change much. This is why virtually every classic car has the capacity to host this powerful upgrade.

What is power steering conversion and how does it work?

The power steering conversion process entails replacing the standard steering system of a classic car (or, at least, most of its components) with a modern counterpart. Usually, new parts come in the form of a conversion kit with instructions on how to assemble them. This makes it seem like power steering conversion is a DIY-friendly project. However, that is definitely not the case.

Despite the basic idea being the same, standard and power steering boast some crucial differences, not the least of which is the intricacy of the latter. While we could get technical and go all-out on what they are – we won’t, simply because they all boil down to one thing: safety.

Why should you always let pros handle power steering conversion on a classic car?

Steering is one of the most essential systems in your car. It impacts how your vehicle acts, handles, and how much control can you exert over it while driving. In other words, it is directly responsible for your safety, as well as that of your fellow drivers. Especially so on dangerous routes, such as Interstate 5 (I-5) for example, where a few seconds of reaction time make all the difference.

Therefore, the only way not to compromise it and reap all the benefits power steering offers is for the entire system to be flawlessly installed. And that is only possible with the right tools, expertise, and years of experience. So, despite what the instructions (and internet “gurus”) say, this project is absolutely NOT something that you should tackle alone.

Which classic auto restoration specialist in Orange County, CA does power steering conversions the best?

If you’re looking to bring your vintage ride into the future and ensure it stays there, Chimera Motors is your best bet. Mainly – because it is not a bet at all. We are one of the best classic car shops in Orange County and beyond.

From traditional restoration to something more tricked out and modern, such as adding power steering, we are able to do it all. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians have everything it takes to make your car stand out on the road – and do so reliably. Give us a call, bring your ride over, and you’ll see why so many car owners relied on us for years.


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