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Restore or Customize: What’s Better for Your Classic Car

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Classic cars are fun, meaningful, and worthwhile. Owning an old-timer is more than a hobby. It is about passion and dedication. It is an homage to the past and it gives the owner a sense of class and prestige. Classic car customizing in Huntington Beach has never been easier but first you need to decide whether you want to have your vintage gem restored or souped-up.

If you are about to start your restoration project, there are a few aspects of each concept you may want consider before bringing your old-timer to a classic car restoration company. Read on before you decide which route to take for your classic car.

Customizing: the sky is the limit

Customizing an old-timer means adding or changing some details and parts that aren’t originally included in that make. For example, you may decide to add an aftermarket air conditioning kit to your classic car for added comfort or install a better engine, more comfortable seats, and suspensions.

If you need classic car restoration, keep in mind that the best time to add custom upgrades to your old-timer is before the interior is redone. There’s a wide variety of accessories and kits available on the market, allowing you to create your one-of-a-kind classic.

You can customize it to any degree you see fit and add some exciting new features. Just be aware that changing the general outlook of an original classic car can decrease its resale value.

If you are among those who appreciate a good custom and want to make your car more comfortable, fun, appealing and unique, a reliable classic car customizing in Huntington Beach is just what you need.

Restoration: bringing your classic beauty back to life

Classic car restoration aims to achieve the original look and design of a car by recreating an authentic feel on a car. This means rebuilding it exactly the way its manufacturer first assembled it.

For a classic car to look its best, the restoration process needs to be handled by knowledgeable and experienced professionals with the right tools and level of expertise.

There are four levels of classic car restoration and which one you’ll choose depends on your needs, wishes, and your budget. You should know that restoring a classic car can be a long, daunting and costly project.

Original parts and options for a specific model need to be found first. Unlike refurbished versions, they are hard to obtain. Accordingly, the monetary value of original parts is a lot higher.

A fully restored classic car is rare to find and highly valuable. It is going to sell for a much higher price than a classic car that is only partially restored. However, these vehicles are not meant to be driven and are usually stored away in a private collection or a museum.

If you want to restore your old-timer back to its former beauty and elegance and consider sacrilegious customizing it, it is essential to find a trustworthy, fully-equipped classic car restoration shop. Only a team of experts who will use proper parts, materials and the best techniques can deliver the perfect service for you and your classic car need.

Top restoration & classic car customizing Huntington Beach

The debate of originality vs. customization among classic car enthusiasts can never be settled to universal satisfaction. Each side of the debate has its respective merits. One thing is certain: classic cars are rolling showcases that have their own place in automotive history, as well as in the heart of every car enthusiast.

Whether you believe in preserving your classic car in its original state or want to add some extra upgrades, contact Chimera Motors, the leading classic car service in Orange County, CA. We boast the unparalleled level of workmanship and vast expertise in restoring and classic car customizing Huntington Beach classic car owners rely on. Don’t hesitate to call us at 714-907-0609 for any questions you may have.


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