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What You Need to Know before Buying an Air Suspension, Part 1

classic car in LA - air suspension shop near me

Airbag suspension kits have gained popularity among classic car enthusiasts for a number of reasons and you may be looking forward to getting one for your car as well. However, before you decide to make this important purchase and search “air suspension shop near me” on the Internet, there are a few things you should know about buying an air suspension kit for your classic beauty.


Some classic car owners prefer the original look of their car, while others like making a few modifications after their classic car restoration. The choice is up to you and your needs!

The installation of an airbag suspension kit will impact the vehicle’s overall performance, as well as the appearance. Therefore, before you make your decision to order or purchase the kit, take your time to determine your needs for buying one.

There are many different manufacturers and types of air suspension kits available in the market. These kits are usually designed for a certain role and each type comes with its own set of benefits.

Intermediate systems are not only designed to enhance comfort during the ride; they also offer the possibility of adjusting the ride height. For instance, performance-based systems that allow you to adjust an air spring’s rate and a shock’s damping can provide the unparalleled level of tenability compared to coil-spring suspensions.

If you go to a well-equipped air suspension shop near me, there you can also find kits for competition purposes that are also quite popular in the custom car industry. Some air suspension kits are made for serious off roaders, while others are sold for normal or street use.


We know that you see the whole classic car restoration process as an exciting chance to let the car’s beauty shine through again but this incredibly complex task takes a lot of skill, patience, time, and money.

The same goes for this modification. It’s no secret that if you want to have a proper air suspension system installed, you need to be ready to do the research and find the model that will cater your whim or automotive desire.

There’s plenty of kits in the online market to choose from but you can also seek the assistance of a full-service automotive garage specializing in classic car restoration and repair. They will suggest the right type of air suspension for your car according to your preferences and, more importantly, have the means to get it for you, as well as perform the installation.

Looking for an air suspension shop near me?

Air suspension kits have won the hearts of many classic car aficionados. If you need an air suspension that will deliver you and your car the greatest performance, convenience, and other benefits, reach out to Chimera Motors!

We are one of the leading automotive garages in Southern California that provides a full range of classic car services. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to customize a package for your needs! Regardless of whether you need classic car restoration, repair, custom rods or performance modification, Chimera Motors is your go-to company!


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